November 20, 2003 - The weather forecast called for unseasonably mild weather. Don Morgan, Wichita - KTM 640 LC4, Tim North, Emporia - Honda XL650, and Roger Baugh, Wichita - KLR650 decided on a ride to the Flint Hills of Greenwood county.

Don took us out to his family's ranch southeast of Eureka, where many of these shots were taken. We also rode through sections of the Fall River Reservoir uplands areas.

One of the more interesting points of the ride was having a large buck and doe run parallel with us for about a quarter mile. When they did decide to cross the fence and road, the deer were getting over six feet vertical in order to clear the fenceline .... impressive when you get to watch at close quarters!

We got lucky .... Flint Hills riding in late November .... great weather .... and home before dark. All told, the Wichita riders logged about 180 miles in the five hours of daylight that we had available to us.

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