September 30, 2001 - Riding the Gypsum Hills near Medicine Lodge, Hardtner, and Sun City.

Two riders on this trip: Terry Chilcott - KTM 640 Adventure and Roger Baugh - Kawasaki KLR650.

Weather was cool and clear in the morning, warming in the afternoon. Wildflowers were in full bloom, and several deer were seen at close range. Also, as the last frame shows, tarantulas were out sunbathing on the paved roadways by the hundreds ... so we stopped to try to get a larger specimen to pose for us.

Once again ... an enjoyable ride with one great view followed by another. The only mishap was the KLR running out of fuel on the return trip (pilot error). Fortunately, the KTM carries 8 gallons of high test, and was able to serve as "tanker" until we reached a gas station ... thanks, Terry!

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