September 28, 2002 turned out to be a fun ride in the Flint Hills area of Lyons, Chase, and Greenwood counties. Tourmaster for the ride was Greg Mitchell of Emporia.

Twelve riders comprised the day's "Dirty Dozen" .... the overall look we shared after riding the extreme dust conditions encountered throughout the ride. Making the roster: Chester Thompson - KTM 640 LC4, Mark Marling - KLR250, David Hemphill - DR650, Dennis Gowing - KLX650, Chris Greenhoot - KTM 620 RXC, Joe Williams - XT350, Tom Harmon - KLR650, Steve Prewitt - KLR650, Greg Mitchell - DR350, Dan Mitchell - DRZ400, Nef Torres - KLR650, and Roger Baugh - KLR650.

Mike & Kraig Bailey of Emporia dropped by the rendezvous at Greg's ..... unfortunately, they were not able to join in on this ride.

After everyone had arrived at Greg's home, we saddled up and rode west into Chase county, then south towards Elco. Threading our way south through some minimum maintenance county roads, we enjoyed the always pleasant unfolding of the Flint Hills.

The dust clouds did provide a degree of hazard, however. One rider entered a dry creek bed a tad too fast ... and the rider behind him got to witness a spectacular freestyle display (hands only) .... since his hips were momentarily elevated to the same plane as his shoulders. Nice recovery, Steve!

We lunched in Madison. A scene right out of The Little Rascals unfolded on Main Street when Tom demonstrated the KLR's ability to loft the front wheel in front of an awe-struck pack of local eight and nine year olds. The youngsters proceeded to examine and discuss the merits of each machine the entire time we dined across the street at the local cafe'. Aaah ... to be young again! Each of the youngsters must have been thinking," Sure wish I was old enough to do that!" Somehow, it all comes full circle ... doesn't it?

While in Madison, we also served as "pit crew members" and helped Nef get roadworthy after puncturing a rear tube. A KLR centerstand is now on Nef's Christmas wish list!

We worked our way back to Greg's and loaded up for our rides or drives home to Lawrence, Topeka, Kansas City, Durham, Newton, Chanute, and Wichita.

A good day to spend riding the Flint Hills ..... Special thanks to Greg and Dan Mitchell for hosting and providing the route to a most enjoyable ride!

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