September 27, 2008 ... the annual broomweed bloom in the central Flint Hills region. Twenty-five riders loaded up from points as far away as Minnesota to gather in Cassoday and enjoy one fine Fall day of riding.

Because of the large group size, we elected to split into two smaller patrols, with Noel Heyer and Roger Baugh serving as ride leaders.

Our routes would first take us into the wild mustang country of the 777 Ranch to the southeast of Cassoday. We rode north to Teterville, then on to Madison Road, Little Cedar Creek, Sharps Creek, Den Creek, then lunch at the Emma Chase in Cottonwood Falls.

The two groups made one rendezvous at Teter Rock, where we managed to get a good group shot and have a chance to further visit with one another. We had hoped to all meet again for lunch in Cottonwood Falls, but a lengthy puncture repair occurred for the trailing patrol, and created enough of a delay that the combined group lunch was not to be.

Following lunch, those who needed to get home got on their way, while the remaining riders continued on to the minimum maintenance Coyne Creek Road, and then visited the arched stone bridge at Clements. When the sun began setting lower in the western sky, riders got started on their rides home.

Riders who made today's ride included: James Krone - Wichita - XR650L, Zach Davidson - Cedar Bluff, IA - DR-Z400, Patrick Maloney - Mission - DR-Z400, Glen Krause - Emporia - KLR650, Carl Fulkerson - Liberty, MO - KLR650, Danniel Finneran - Wichita - DR650, Robert Morgan - Topeka - DR-Z400, Noel Heyer - Wichita - KLR650, Chip Marker - Topeka - KLR650, David MCune - Independence, MO - KLR650, Phil Denk - Kansas City, MO - KLR650, Michael Bright - Petrolia - KLR650, Ty Wood - Eagan, MN - KLM 640 Adventure, Mike Hosfelt - Topeka - XR650L, Jim Foley - Shawnee - DL650, Thurman Brittingham - Rose Hill - KLX250S, RD Woolsey - Derby - KLR650, Mike Steinfort - Junction City - KLR650, Steve Starkel - Bel Aire - Husky TE610, Kean-Teik Go - Overland Park - BMW F650GS, Chris Jackson - Abilene - KLR650, Mike Keithly - Wichita - KLR650, Larry Ostrom - Concordia - KLR650, Chris Owens - Garden Plain - KLR650, and Roger Baugh - Wichita - KLX250S.

What a great day to ride, and a great group of riders to ride with! .... rb

A Special Thanks to Larry Ostrom for use of his photos .... Ride Area Map Download

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