Photos taken near Florence, Cedar Point, Clements, and Elmdale along the Cottonwood River and then up into the Middle Creek area on September 9, 2001.

Two riders on this trip: Terry Chilcott - KTM 640 Adventure and Roger Baugh - KLR650.

Weather was cool in the morning, extremely confortable in the afternoon. After the dusty skies of summer, this day was a clean, deep blue with a smattering of clouds. Off-road travel was easy going, with a good number of breaks to take it all in.

First frames show buzzards resting on a crumbling homestead between Florence and Cedar Point. The lake view above and below is Camp Wood YMCA, southwest of Elmdale. Camp Wood is an all-season facility, and is being considered for a base camp ... an extended ride in the near future? The last frame shows a view of a magnificent bull elk on rangeland south of Cedar Point.

Once again, another great ride!

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