Elk county east of Latham ...
August 22, 2004. Four riders experienced a grand day in the southern Flint Hills of Elk and Chautauqua counties in Kansas, as well as Osage county in Oklahoma.

Our rendezvous was the historic Beaumont Hotel in Beaumont, KS. By the time we arrived, there was already a Cessna parked on Main Street, later to be joined by a Grumman. (the Hotel is a favorite stop for area pilots) There were also about a dozen road riders in attendance, and we had the opportunity to visit with a couple of Harley riders who also like to visit the BT Kansas website.

Making the ride: Steve Starkel, Bellaire - Husqvarna TE610, Brady Allensworth, Wichita - BMW 1150 GS, Tom Montgomery, Tulsa - DR650, and Roger Baugh, Wichita - KLR650.

Following breakfast, we rode south out of Beaumont towards Latham. We then crossed into Elk county and continued south into Grenola, then Cedar Vale. From Cedar Vale, we rode to the southeast to Hewins, along the Caney River Valley. From Hewins, we turned south into Oklahoma and run the northernmost part of the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Osage county, Oklahoma. Encompassing close to a hundred square miles, it is both vast and beautiful.

With time running out on the day, we then turned north back to Kansas. At Burden, Steve split from the group. Tom, Brady, and Roger then ran east to Cambridge where we picked up Cowley County Road 7 ... a favorite for the twisties found there. Running north, we made Keighley in no time and bid adieu to Tom, whose trailer was in Beaumont a few miles away to the east. From there, an easy ride home for Brady and Roger.

Spectacular scenery, pleasurable ride!

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