Sunday, August 19, 2001. Early morning "Biker Breakfast". Since I was riding solo, decided to take my 12-year old daughter on her first long distance motorcycle ride. The ride would be under 200 miles for her, and afforded me an opportunity to meet and visit with other dual sport riders at a very popular and scenic Flint Hills location.

On the return to Wichita, decided to get off-pavement and show my daughter some scenic vistas around Teterville, KS. It was then (twelve miles from civilization) that I realized the wisdom of swapping repair kit space for an extra passenger maybe wasn't the best idea .... particularly after seeing the nail in the flat rear tire!

The cellular phone was along for the trip, and my wife was able to locate and deliver the needed materials ... but it did result in several hours of downtime ( this explains the shortage of photos on this page).

Needless to say, the tire tube repair kit will not be left behind in the future!

.... Roger Baugh


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