Chase county near Kenbro ....
August 1, 2004 and eleven riders in the Flint Hills of Butler, Greenwood, and Chase counties.

Our rendezvous was the monthly Biker Breakfast in Cassoday, Kansas. We were to share the morning with over two-thousand other motorcyclists. However, we weren't there to listen to the loud rumble of v-twins and header-piped multis .... there was too much in the way of quiet backroads to visit only a short distance away.

Making the ride: Chuck Hanna - Topeka - BMW R100GS, Don Morgan - Wichita - BMW R1150GS, Brady Allensworth - Wichita - KLR650, Jerry Huff and Kristopher Huff of Topeka - KLR250s, Tim Bontrager - Manhattan - KLR650, Dave Dixon - Derby - XR650L, Gordon Polston - Herington - KLR650, Jeff Schneider - Mulvane - XR650L, Jeff Gilliland - Wichita - KLR650, and Roger Baugh - Wichita - KLR650.

We rode out of Cassoday towards Teter Rock and the wild mustang herds. From Teter Rock, we worked our way north up to Texaco Hill.

En route, one of our lightly-equipped riders got "tracked" and high-sided onto a heavily rocked area. His injuries were not severe, but obviously painful ... helmets off to his "grit" in completing the ride under those conditions. On a sidenote.... rocks and gravel can really take a "bite" out of even the most experienced of riders. A chest protector, forearm/elbow guards, and knee/shin guards will provide an extra measure of protection from those unwelcome get-offs.

Leaving Texaco Hill, we were visited by what appeared to be one of our own BT Kansas riders ... only this time in his airplane rather than on his Honda dualsport. It turned out that he had missed the rendezvous due to a flat tire, and decided to find the group from the air. We had some great visuals of one another!

We then visited the stone monoliths at the Schroeder Ranch near Elco (often referred to as a "Stonehenge"). How many tons of hand placed limestone slabs? Hard to imagine that this work was solely done by a man, his sons, and a farm tractor!

Working our way acrosss open range up to Cottonwood Falls, we dropped by the Emma Chase Cafe' for iced tea and homemade pie. With the weather getting hotter and more humid, we all decided the day had been a good one, and probably would be better and safer to start working our way to our various hometowns.

It was a great day of riding, and great company to ride with!

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