July 21, 2007 ... and the "magnificent seven" rode. Making the rendezvous in Cottonwood Falls this day: Gordon Polston - Herington - KLR650, Jesse Smith - Abilene - DR650, Doug Bump - Wichita - DR650, Britt Lolley - Wichita - DL650, Jim Foley - Shawnee - XR650, Randy Snyder - Belle Plaine - KLR650, and Roger Baugh - Wichita - KLR650.

The first business of the day was food, and we chowed down at the Emma Chase Cafe in Cottonwood Falls. Following breakfast, we stepped outside into a hot mugginess. No wind and dry conditions meant one thing ... it was going to be dusty today! Leaving Cottonwood Falls, we rode to the southwest along the Spring Creek, Buck Creek, Den Creek, and Coyne Creek valleys.

It was beautiful out there ... the prairie remains emerald green, and the wildflowers are profuse this year in particular. From the Clements area, we turned east towards Bazaar to ride the Sharpes Creek area. Riding further south, we tried an old road only to learn it had reverted to private ownership and needed to turn back around and reroute. We then rode towards Teterville. Jim and Doug needed to return home, so split off to Cassoday to the east.

The rest of the group decided to eliminate the planned leg to Thrall and Elco, and make a visit to Teter Rock instead. At Teter Rock, we watched a rain squall coming up from the southwest ... so decided to "beat feet" for Cassoday, twelve miles away. We met the weather front head-on, and it blessed us with a cooling and heavy rain the last nine miles back to Cassoday. After the rain passed, we all headed home .... Gordon and Jesse riding to the northwest ... Randy, Britt, and Roger to the southwest.

Hot and dusty for miles, followed by riding through a torrential rain. Gotta love it! I returned home with another 240 miles added to the odometer today ..... rb

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