These photos taken near Medicine Lodge and Lake City in Barber County June 10, 2001. This was the first long distance ride (solo) made with my then new KLR650. What an adventure!

Leaving Wichita just before dawn, proceeded up into the high plains country near Medicine Lodge, KS. The KLR handled the tarmac in good order. In this part of the state, the air is mildy tinted with the scent of wild sage, and would be all the way to the Rockies. Rains had been frequent that spring, resulting in a profusion of wildflowers.

The GPS points I had set earlier provided some interesting side trips and photo ops.

The only difficult part of the trip came on the return through a number of lightly maintained county roads. A good number of these roads were topped with river sand anywhere from an inch to half a foot in depth. Burned through a couple thousand calories keeping the big machine upright when it wanted to dive a dozen or more times. Definitely learned how to use balance and torque in tandem that day!

.... Roger Baugh

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