Osage County. May 8, 2004

Great day, great ride, great friends! I figured maybe 8 people would show for the ride. Oh my, 21 guys out for the day! Couldn't find even one old dirt biker in the group - who's this bunch kidding. Ok, I saw a couple of guy's who may have ridden in the dirt at one time or another. They just don't know what "old" is.

We rode the 100 mile "east loop" Overbrook to Arvonia. Started from Casey's in Overbrook at 9am. Great scenery, fine food at the Easy Rock Cafe in Lyndon, fun low maintenance stuff, some water negotiation practice, and neat little towns like Quenemo (bar and PO are the only draw for the town). Excellent bunch of riders. Finished at the ghost town of Arvonia near Milford lake at 2:30 pm. We split from there to make our way home.

Terry got a flat after lunch, and had to ask his wife for another favor. Donny got gravel thrown on him by a jerk and then got separated from the group somehow. I believe all had a good time. I know I did.

Thank you for letting me show you a little of my backyard. - Jim Doyle (JD)

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