Joe Blanchard striking a "pose" in Volland, KS
May 3, 2003 .... and a day in rural Morris and Waubaunsee counties.

Five riders made it to the rendezvous in Council Grove at the Hays House Restuarant early Saturday morning. Coming in from Osage County was Joe Blanchard on his KLR650, and Jim Doyle on his Suzuki DR650. Gary Ulitchny of Stilwell rode his KLR250, and Gregg Armstrong and Roger Baugh rode up from Wichita .. Gregg riding his Yamaha XT550, and Roger on his KLR650.

Within minutes of leaving the tarmac, we encountered water crossings, and one with a fairly deep hole .... JD can attest to depth. However, once we crossed into Waubaunsee county from Morris county, water crossings all but disappeared. Apparently, recent rainfall was less the further north and east we traveled.

As anticipated, we saw a large number of limestone barns and homesteads in the areas between Volland, Alma, and Eskridge. The masonry work is exceptional, as evidenced by the large numbers of abandoned buildings that have stood for over a century, and still appear in good condition.

Joe and Jim made return rides home when the main group started on the final leg back to Council Grove. Lunch was enjoyed by the three remaining adventurers in Council Grove before our final leg home. Gary loaded up his KLR on his trailer for the drive back to the Overland Park area ... while Gregg and Roger made a return ride down K-177. At Bazaar, the two remaining riders made a detour to cross the Flint Hills and emerge north of Burns, mostly on unimproved and very remote roads. For the Wichita riders, over 325 miles logged this day.

Great ride, but the webmaster was having too good a time to remember to take more photos. We'll ride this area again, as there is so much good exploring to be had!

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