Photos taken near Latham, Howard, and Elk Falls on April 28, 2002. The day started out cold in the low 40s with clear skies. By afternoon, temperatures had reached the high 60s.

Four riders on this trip: Tom Harmon - Kawasaki KLR650, Steve Prewitt - Kawasaki KLR650, Jim Wimmer - Yamaha XT350, and Roger Baugh - Kawasaki KLR650.

We started the morning with a rendezvous at Laurie's Cafe in Mulvane (highly recommended for breakfast). From there, we rode secondary paved roads to Latham. From Latham we made our way east to Howard .... sighting a number of wild turkeys and one lone coyote. The hills were just starting to turn green, and in some areas, recent rains had turned them an emerald color. Also evident was tremendous damage to the trees of the region from a late spring ice storm.

Lunch was enjoyed in Howard (see bank front, sculptures, old gas station), then we proceeded south along the Elk River to Elk Falls. From Elk Falls, we worked our way back east through Cowley county, exploring a number of intriguing roads through cattle (and bison) country.

All in all .... no problems of any sort ... and a great ride was enjoyed by all!

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