Photos taken near Cassoday, Matfield Green, and Elco on March 17, 2002. The day started out chilly in the low 40s, warming into overcast low 60s.

Four riders on this trip: Tom Harmon - Kawasaki KLR650, Dan Mitchell - Suzuki DR400, Greg Mitchell - Suzuki DR350, and Roger Baugh - Kawasaki KLR650.

The stone monoliths shown below line a ranchers drive south of Elco. Five years in the making, each stone weighs up to twenty tons. The stones were jacked out of the earth and moved by farm tractor to their present location. The larger ones are set into bedrock "keyholes" chiseled to depths of 5-6 feet. It is an amazing sight ....

Tom managed to pick up a flock of locust thorns in his front tire, resulting in a "slime" trail across two counties. Fortunately, we were able to make repairs at Greg's home in Emporia and proceed on west to an area south of Saffordville, and one very challenging hill climb. From there, we split up to head home after a very eventful 200+ miles in the Flint Hills. Once again .... Happy Trails!

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