February 22, 2007 ...

Finally ... after weeks of ice and snow, we were getting a break. "Let's ride!" Five of us gathered in Haysville, KS to make a little run down into southwestern Sedgwick county and northern Sumner county. We started the day late in the afternoon ... so playtime this day would be short.

Making the ride: Tony Adams, Udall - KLR650, Brendan Faust, Haysville - KLR650, Mike Weddle, Wichita - KTM640 LC, Doug Bump, Wichita - DR650, and Roger Baugh, Wichita - KLX250.

We cruised down numerous sand roads towards Clearwater and the Ninnescah river valley. For all of us, am sure it felt good to get some multisurface roads under us.

For fun ... we traveled a dirt (mud) road that had been churned and rutted beyond recognition. Let's go!

As it is in the winter months, the sun sets soon in the evening ... and then the cold sets in. So we parted ways, all of us with healthy grins!

... rb

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